The annual cold

I resolve this cold season to not live afraid of germs, to wash my hands better, to never mock the last tissue in the box, to not despise the lowly toilet paper either, to get my rest without being laid out flat for a few days, and to not allow any further breaches in my schedule that would encourage another outbreak. Welcome 2017.

It is hilarious how much I take for granted, especially when I look around the world. Warm house, good food, hot showers, cold medicine… I enjoy all the best comfort while I am sick, and brush off the experience when I am back to being immune and “invincible.” No matter how long sniffles may linger, this is not an illness I have to pick up each morning for months to come.

I’m sure Jesus shook His head when He told the Pharisees that He, the Great Physician, had come for people who knew they were sick, not the ones who thought they were perfectly healthy. There are many areas of my life where I operate with little more trouble than an occasional hiccup. This cold has been a good reminder to stop forgetting to be thankful.

God, this year I want to be more thankful. Thank You for the chance to remember all I have, take life slowly, stop over-thinking, and appreciate again that You do not demand perfect people, but people who see they have a lot to learn. Please help me embrace that offer for help. And thanks that my cold is better, too. To Your glory, Amen.


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