Surprising hours

A whole day free? What people dream of… finding a watch with an extra day on the clock. But me? Well, they began to hang heavy (what am I saying?).

Maybe it is the giant ticking in my head of a three-stories-tall clock counting down the hours to extreme change. And I could hear it too well today without constant demands.

“Come to Me,” Jesus invites. “You with burdens and no-solutions and bad habits you secretly enjoy. Come filthy from life and worn down from wrestling for control.”

He offers rest to those who see they are tired. I try to be self-sufficient. But I keep seeing that I can’t make the mark. Do I see that I need a doctor?

Time to sleep, clean, breathe. Unexpected free hours to reflect and recognize how much I need this freely offered gift. Change is coming, but there is a thrill to go with it as well.

Give up what can’t be kept to gain what cannot be lost. A day well spent. Thank You, God for every hour. Please help me to look for Your help and enjoy the help You offer. Thanks for this love that uses change for so much good. To Your glory, Amen.


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