Scrapbooks in heaven

This weekend I was at a Christmas tea and was caught up in the witty presentation of one of the speakers. But since I had a speaking part as well my brain was in survival mode. I wished that someone was recording the off-the-cuff words. Then I remembered the verse that says God stores all our tears in a bottle (Psalm 56:8). There is another Psalm that says He has our lives planned in a book before we are born (Psalm 139:16). So I wonder if God keeps a scrapbook of our lives. I expect He has a transcript of our heartfelt speeches, highlights our moments of trust, and pictures of our success, battles, daily lives…and random memory shots.

I sometimes ask God to remember something for me or remind me to look someone up in heaven. It is a comfort to realize how involved God is in our lives and that He loves us enough to keep track of our days. I am hoping that it might look like a scrapbook we will be able to look through together and reminisce over ways He helped me, times I grew, and milestones. And for now I am still adding to the book, so I want to make the story a good one.

God, please help me remember how involved You are, and how much You care for me. Please help me celebrate the victories, large and small, and seek Your help in the adventures I pursue. To You be the glory, Amen.


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