Thanks for the shock


Life happens in cycles – of grief, excitement, birthdays, holidays. How do we keep track of the seasons as they swirl by in laughter and merriment? The memories seem to melt like glitter into the carpet, only resurfacing when we straighten up our lives.

Jesus in Matthew 5-7 presents a radical view of Himself as God and judge of humanity, and also what our lifestyles should be like when we seek God’s kingdom. Why would we want to do that instead of finding the best way of enjoying ourselves?

God’s kingdom lasts, ours crumble, break after warranty, and fade with bleach stains.

God’s kingdom makes an impact many people, even if we do nothing more spectacular than kneel and pray on a regular basis. Our interactions are often forgotten, and special diaries thrown in recycle rather than discovered as a literary gem.

Jesus astonished the crowds of His day by teaching very differently than the rule-loving and corrupted religious leaders of the day. He confronted them to give up what looked good on the outside, and change their hearts to match what God desires. Do I judge? Am I meek? Where can my heart change to reflect God’s better?

God, thank You for the beauty of Your Word, and the truths in passages that are so familiar I forget to study them. God, please convict my heart, and help me to seek Your will and Your kingdom rather than my crumbly sandcastle. To You be the glory, Amen.


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