How hard was He tempted?

Forty days without a meal.

Then, Matthew 4 says, He was hungry.

Not before?

Fasting like Moses and Elijah in the wilderness,


And the tempter came to find him,

wave bread,


power in front of His nose.

Like he tempted Adam in the garden.

Adam took the bait.

Christ fought with words from Moses’ season with Israel in the wilderness.

How hard was He tempted to satisfy His hunger?


pride and impatience?

Did He laugh at Satan at the end, amazed at his audacity?

Do I take temptation too seriously? Laughter can really defuse it.

Christ left from the wilderness and began a ministry of great success, crowds following Him.

They did not follow forever.

And as He began His ministry, Jesus learned that John was in prison.

Another attack.

The attacks did not stop. But He practiced how to defeat them.

He did it every time.

How well do I practice? What do I lean on? What words do I fight with?

God, thank You for

showing up the tempter

and telling us about it.

Please help me to stop listening, wanting to prove myself, forgetting who I am, where You have brought me from.

Let me live in Your power,

today, tomorrow, and as far as I go.

No matter if I miss a meal or not.


To Your glory,



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