Broken veil between the worlds

What happens when a veil breaks

and you pierce through

water. air. mist. cloth

and get to the other side? And what do you see when you look back?

There is a dimension

where God and angels and demons and powers

fight a cosmic battle

and we can fight, but we cannot always see – the veil is thick.

But in Matthew 2, the veil was thin. Angels came in dreams, God warned in dreams.

Verse 13 – Joseph warned to stay “until I tell you” –  God was going to be actively present, personal like Noah and the flood, Jacob going to Egypt, Moses leading Israel, and so many others.

After so many years…

the veil was pierced, and the spiritual battle was easy to see in the physical world.

God near, invested, interested – as promised, as seen before but in new ways.

Guided to Egypt.

Guided back to the land of Israel.

Guided to Nazareth.

Fulfilling prophesy.

And angels, I’m sure, wondered almost as much as man.

Because God was dwelling on earth in human form, as a Child, dependent, weak,

but not alone.

Neither are we.

The curtain is thin still, near breaking, like when the Temple curtain tore from the top.

God is coming close to mankind.

Can you see through the veil sometimes? Things that do not make sense…

God is near, God is working, and He has promised a time when every eye will suddenly see. 

But we can start to see now. 

God, thank You for that time when You came so near, the veil pierced, and the world forever changed because Jesus had entered it as the Son of Man. Thank You for offering us the gift of coming near to You, through the blood of Jesus that tore the veil of the Temple so that man can come near to God. It’s terrifying and wonderful. Thank You, God! Please help me to live looking past the veil of this world to see where You are at work. To Your glory, Amen.




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