A wide variety

My favorite meal is one that incorporates a wide variety of flavors. Today I had the privilege of sitting across from a witty gentlemen at tea who gave a running commentary on each two-bite sandwich. Scone? Try it plain, with cream, with jam, then all together. Disk-shaped pinwheel sandwich? “Well, this is awkward,” he said, and stuffed it round-side first into his mouth. Oh, if I had that on camera! We strolled through several gardens afterwards that contained both plants of every shape, size, and color and people of every shape, size, and color! I even added purple to the mix when my fingers got cold!

It reminded me of heaven, which is described in the end of Revelation as a garden. And of the garden of Eden where man first began exploring God’s intense creativity.

I like a variety in my life, most of the time, and I’m learning to appreciate new approaches to life. People are even more complicated than a fully stocked spice rack and world-class kitchen. God, please help me to appreciate people, and Your tender, vast, and intense creativity wrapped in each new gent or lady who sits across from me. Thank You for the beauty! Amen.


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