Digging up family history

With clouds come rain; with rain comes the scent of Fall; with Fall comes scarves and mittens and Thanksgiving! Which reminds me of family…and all the stories that we lovingly rehash when we get together. Like the time…oops, well, what happens at the table stays there! Especially when it involves the mashed potatoes!

Family history. In my inductive study of Matthew 1, there is a lot of family history for Jesus, a whole genealogy (here’s the Google definition):

 “a line of descent traced continuously from an ancestor.”

Jesus is the promised Savior, and this is His pedigree. He is called the son of David, one of the most powerful and famous kings of Israel! And He is called the son of Abraham, the founding father of the Hebrew line. But this is just the prologue. Roll up your sleeves and lean forward to hear all about God’s Son’s earthly family history…

Abraham was the father of Isaac. Yeah, that was a hard one. Abraham and Sarah thought they could not get pregnant for a while so Ishmael came first, and there’s been a lot of bad blood between their descendants.

Isaac the father of Jacob. Hmm…well, Jacob means the supplanter (deceiver), and he tricked his older brother out of a lot of stuff…but he was better in the end!

Jacob the father of Judah and his brothers. Judah was the forth son of twelve. The first son was demoted for adultery, the second two for murder. So Judah!

Judah was the father of Perez and Zerah by Tamar…. yeah, about that. That was his son’s wife that he thought was a prostitute. It got messy, which is why my pastor called that the soap opera chapter.

Well, what a family! It looks like Jesus came from people who lied, stole, committed adultery…so people you could find in anyone’s family. What was the difference in them? They followed God. And He used very unlovely, imperfect people. That is a great comfort for me!

God, thank You for including such a detailed family history. You made promises to Abraham and to David to use their offspring to make a lasting impact on the world. And You did, no matter how long it took. Thank You that You keep Your promises, at such a cost to Yourself – death for the sins that all of mankind commits. And You have made me a part of Your family. It is an honor. Please help me to live out that heritage in each day, to Your glory! Amen.


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