Flashing the resume

Paul was not a flashy person. He wouldn’t have brought it up if he was not alarmed for the Corinthian church. So he asked them to bear with a little foolishness…and he pulled out his resume.Read it in 2 Corinthians 11:  prestigious Jew, high level of education, painful punishments for his faith that most could not imagine, plus personal pressure in his deep care for the churches around the known world.

Those other guys? False prophets and deceivers. They had nothing on Paul, like a general breaking up a bragging match of lieutenants.

Paul was afraid that the church would be pulled away from Christ, the second Adam, by the same deceiver who lured Eve away from the first Adam.

He demanded respect, with the pleading of a father reluctant to play his trump suite. He was willing to look foolish to point the church to a better way of living. It is a surprising perspective for me coming from a culture that never hesitates to whip out a list of accomplishments.

God, this is humbling to see an apostle, who has every reason to boast, call out people with a show of authority with such reluctance. Please help me to check my impulses to prove my importance, and also respect my spiritual leaders more for their humility in serving. To Your glory, amen.



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