Forgive now

How can forgiveness be so hard? I never realized what it took until I was a substitute mother to an energetic duo of animals. Their energy increases while mine decreases, like they are siphoning it off or something! And I get frustrated with them in a heartbeat! But they are just playful young things. So I have been learning to forgive their wildness…moment by moment.

A recent devotional I read looked at the Lord’s prayer (Matthew 6). It commands us to forgive or we won’t be forgiven. The silly things I get angry over with the cat and dog are nothing to the ways I grieve God every day. What if He got angry every time I sinned? I think He does get angry. Sin is the reason Jesus died on the Cross. But He provided forgiveness forever for us. And that is why I am learning to forgive, moment by moment.

God, thank You for the beauty of forgiveness, and how dearly You paid to grant me mercy. Please show me where I can forgive others, and then please help me to learn how. Amen.


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