The Gospel in my day

I’m babysitting a fluffy dog I call Mag-Pie and a half-grown kitten named Mischief. In-between their antics I have been wondering about the Gospel, and how to get past the formulas I have learned to summarize it to see the power and mystery again. I understand the beauty of the Gospel’s components, but it is hard to bring it down to where my life is at in this century.

Wouldn’t you know, God prompted me to reread 1 Thessalonians from this morning, and it is full of references to the Gospel!

The Gospel did not come in just words, but testimony, and full conviction by the Holy Spirit (1 Thessalonians 1:5).

How do I recognize God as the real God rather than Evolution that dominates today’s status quo? The Gospel does not come with flattery (it points out sin), it does not cost anything, it should not be presented for glory, but to obey God and out of concern for the people you are speaking to. That’s how Paul presented it, and it is a good model. But it was not just a one-time thing. Paul wrote this letter to the church in Thessalonica to say how glad he was that they were still going strong, and to give them some more information. The Gospel is not a one-time thing. It is the ground work for living as a Christian.

God, how does the Gospel work in my life and where can it continue to influence me? Please change my heart and help me to see past the simplicity of the Gospel to the deep change it has brought and continues to bring to my life. Thanks for 1 Thessalonians. The journey is by Your grace and to Your glory. Amen.


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