Letters of life

Life is like a game of Scrabble, or the faster version – Bananagrams. We are given people and tasks and jobs to fit into our lives each day like letters to a board. Some are harder to fit than others, so we reject them…but they come up again. It takes thinking outside the box to make stronger words, order, clarity in the middle of a jumble of letters and circumstances that make no sense. And some days we want to give up.

God speaks into the middle of lives that are all messed up, all consonants with no vowels. And He is the great Word smith who spoke the world into being and stepped in as the Word in the person of Jesus Christ. He is the truth, the way, the explanation that gets us to Life. He is the way to God, who rights our mess of letters and turns it into a poem, spoken words, beauty.

And sometimes the words are ugly. And the table shakes and life moves, and our words are messed up. Our brains collapse and we are angry and ashamed and fearful and indignant. And God steps into the middle of it, picks up the letters, and brings life and structure to things that were cut off too soon or learned too early.

What is our response? THANKS. PRAISE. GLORY TO GOD!

God, forgive me for being quick to WANDER from You, and PLAN my own way, thinking I know better. But I DON’T. Thank You for bringing ORDER in my CHAOS, and LIFE. Please help me share the HOPE of that life with others. And LISTEN to You, and WAIT on Your plans. And never stop being AMAZED by You. Amen.



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