Regaining perspective

It is sometimes hard for me to connect the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to the brake-light, cell phone, microwave world around me. I tend to plan for tomorrow without remembering yesterday. God reminded me today that

  • I can wait like Sarah who did not have a baby until she was 90.
  • I can pray like Hannah or Esther, who influenced the course of history.
  • I can give generously in simple ways every day, like Rebecca offering to water CAMELS at the end of a long day…that was an answer to a prayer that led her to marry Isaac!
  • I can defy society like Rahab and fight for God’s people in the midst of a Jericho.

Life is not predictable, and it is a sad habit to hold so tightly to plans that I make with limited insight into the future. Worry spoils today’s joys. Understanding is a good goal, but some questions are answered now, some I am not ready for the answers yet, some are beyond my capacity, some I will learn from someone else, some I need to wait and listen, and some may be answered from a different question. And God knows the difference.

God is bigger than I can grasp. He at this moment knows where every baby is being born, child is hungry, terrorist is planning an attack, couple are being married, politician is making a call, businessman is balancing the books, and where every person is praying. He has angels in place, He has the life of every king in His hand (not to mention everyone else), and He instructs us to pray about it all. He hears the groaning of creation, spreads water droplets through the sky, brings seeds to life out of dirt, and He spoke it all into motion in the first place. He spoke. He hears. He is listening.

So in the middle of my time-crunched, hour-pinched, lopsided busy calendar, time spent talking to God is something I need to not resent, not shuffle away, but prioritize. Because He is still here, now, at work, and (wonder of wonders) wants to hear from me. Wow!

Thank You, God, for a time of Job-perspective (read it here). I’m sorry for my hamster-wheel approach of activities that have spun me out of control while I tried to go faster. I am tired of all that! Thank You for time to rest and reflect and pray. I so appreciate You helping to sort out my heart and the festering problems. Now, prayer seems more like holstering a brace of pistols than an awkward, brief coffee date. Please help me carry that perspective through the rest of the day and listen to Your Holy Spirit guiding my moments. What a privilege and an honor to be counted as one of Your children! Thank You. To You be the glory, God. Amen.


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