Hump day

Stuck in the middle. Today, the middle day of the work week, I struggled to wake up, not overdose on coffee and sugar, and function smoothly. The middle is hard, when there seems to be no end in sight. And the goal you have been pursuing for so long seems so far away. Yet every step brings you closer to the end. And who knows if you will arrive at the same spot you were aiming for.

The VBS kids are learning about Deep Sea Discovery, and lessons from famous water stories. Jonah had a one-way ticket to Tarshish on a boat, but he ended up in Ninevah via a sea creature. And the disciples on the sea of Galilee were heading for the other side of the lake, but the journey changed completely when they saw Jesus walking on water! Just because you are in the middle does not mean that you will stay on the same course. You can get off-track or be steered in another direction. Are you steering or is God? That makes all the difference!

God, thank You for being past the middle. Please help me to learn to wait on You and not give up when things get tough. Thank You for guiding us on good paths, even if they seem long. Thank You for today, Amen.


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