The Essence

The what-ness of a thing.

My God, a verse is not a Nobel prize,
No highest-achievement medal, or million-dollar outfit,
No prize-winning poodle, or Thanksgiving dinner, or house-hold name status,
Nor a good rifle, nor yet a guitar:

It cannot high-jump, or jig, or sing;
It never was in New York or Paris ;
Nor can it attract an audience
Like a great destination or venue:

It is no business, artistic wonder, or sensational story,
Nor Wall-Street, or busy Capital Building;
But it is that which while I use it
I am with thee, and “Winner takes all”.

I learned a new word today – a Quiddity is the essence of something, what makes it distinct from everything else. So what is a verse? It is not all these things that we get so excited about. But in the end, it is a way that Herbert connected with God…and that was better than any world-trapping.
And for me?
Today I walked in a field with a dozen new shades of green glowing around me, and big summer raindrops jumping out of the clouds. It looked like walking through a waterfall.
Psalm 34 is a jubilant praise of David. Here are some favorite verses,

“I will praise the Lord at all times.
    His praise is always on my lips.
My whole being praises the Lord.
    The poor will hear and be glad.
Tell the greatness of the Lord with me.
    Let us praise his name together.

I asked the Lord for help, and he answered me.
    He saved me from all that I feared.
Those who go to him for help are happy.
    They are never disgraced.
This poor man called, and the Lord heard him.
    The Lord saved him from all his troubles.
The Lord saves those who fear him.
    His angel camps around them.

Examine and see how good the Lord is.
    Happy is the person who trusts the Lord.”

Sometimes the best way to worship God is to delight in His creativity. Everywhere around us, there is something amazing, detailed, and vital to our daily lives that we ignore. And He created it with depth and precision.By studying the creation, we learn more about the Creator.

God, thank You for the beauty of the world, and written words, and shared awe. God, thank You for what I am able to see, and how I can interact with You. Please help me to not take that for granted, and worship You creatively. To You be the glory, Amen.


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