The Dinner Table

It is a legendary place with its own history, etiquette, and family stories. The dinner table knows silence, laughter, and discussion, as well as the sound of forks and plates being put to good use. And in many ways, I see Communion in a similar light: it is a place to meet with God, a serious time of thankfulness and remembrance, but also a time to rejoice and fellowship over a meal. The Body of Christ joins together to share in the sustenance of body and soul (see 1 Corinthians 11).

George Herbert wrote a beautiful poem about Holy Communion, and the last three stanzas stood out to me:

Before that sinne turn’d flesh to stone,/ And all our lump to leaven;/ A fervent sigh might well have blown/ Our innocent earth to heaven.

For sure when Adam did not know/ To sinne, or sinne to smother;/He might to heav’n from Paradise go,/ As from one room t’another.

Thou hast restor’d us to this ease/ By this thy heav’nly bloud;/Which I can go to, when I please,/ And leave th’earth to their food.

How close are we to heaven? How much would I leave behind if I could see heaven clearly from earth? Communion reminds us that there is a much better land, and Jesus’ life provides the way for us to join Him there. What a privilege to accept that invitation!

God, thank You for the beauty of communion, fellowship, of sharing the deep places of the heart. God, please help me to pursue Your heart for the people around me, and not be tied down by the things of this world. To You be the glory, God. Amen.


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