What is faith?

Faith is “confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1). But what does that actually look like? Hebrews 11 does a good job of laying out the lives of average people God used through the Bible to change the world. It is comforting to see how their lives were interrupted by mistakes and challenges, but God worked through those.

And in Faith, George Herbert takes a personal view of how God’s perspective of us changes how we live. Here are a few of my favorite stanzas.

I owed thousands and much more.
I did believe that I did nothing owe,
And liv’d accordingly; my creditor
Believes so too, and lets me go.

Faith makes me any thing, or all
That I believe is in the sacred story:
And where sin placeth me in Adam’s fall,
Faith sets me higher in his glory.

If I go lower in the book,
What can be lower than the common manger?
Faith puts me there with him, who sweetly took
Our flesh and frailty, death and danger.

If bliss had lien in art or strength,
None but the wise or strong had gained it:
Where now by Faith all arms are of a length;
One size doth all conditions fit.

A peasant may believe as much
As a great Clerk, and reach the highest stature.
Thus dost thou make proud knowledge bend and crouch
While grace fills up uneven nature.

And there is more, but these stanzas grabbed my attention. What will bring equality to this world of highs and lows, smart and slow, active and relaxed, people of every color? God. He created, shows the equality of our hearts, and equally offers forgiveness. He came as peasant, yet is King of the world. And He loves each one of us. Wow!

God, thank You for how You see us, and for helping us to change our perspectives through faith. It is like getting a ride on shoulders to see above the sneakers and back pockets of the crowd. Please help me to live in this perspective, and share it with other average people of potential. To Your glory, with love, Amen.




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