I WILL find it!

How many times have you seriously lost something? Not just misplaced it in your bag for a day, but actually reached into the box/bag a few weeks after you put it there, and not found it. But nothing stopped the epic search you conducted to find it again.

Luke 15 opens with many people drawing near to hear from Jesus – corrupt tax collectors and sinners in general. Of course, these are the people who need what Jesus has to say, but why is He so friendly to them? The Pharisees and scribes whispered behind their hands to each other. What is Jesus’ problem?

So Jesus told stories about losing and finding things:

A man lost one of his hundred sheep. But rather than counting 99% as a good enough percentage, he sought out that last sheep. He gathered his friends to rejoice with him. And those sinners who are listening? God in heaven rejoices more when one of them repents than over ninety-nine people who are so good that they have no need to repent before God (hint: this is sarcastic!).

In the same way, a woman lost a coin. She had nine others, but you need all ten! So she got her broom and started sweeping the house, trying to get into every bump and divet in the floor, and all the odd crannies near the corners. And she found it! She let all her friends know and they celebrated with her! That’s just how the angels celebrate with God.

These two stories show how God puts value on things that we might dismiss. I find myself so focused on numbers and percentage margins and all those things on the outside of a person or idea. How do you stop caring about those and care about the people? You take your eyes off what benefit or harm it will do to you, and seek God’s view of profit. It may take a long search. But it is worth it!

God, thank You that You never give up seeking us out. And my heart is so proud, so selfish in my focus on what will benefit me. God, please help me to effectively serve You, even if it does not make sense according to numbers. I look forward to celebrating with You! Amen.



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