The worst excuse ever

“My dog ate my homework” never worked for me because we always owned cats. But I made up some pretty lousy excuses in my day. On a scale of one to “really?” they were pretty bad. But I think that the excuses in the next parable define lame.

Luke 14, Jesus is at a banquet given by a Pharisee (His enemy). He told a parable to the guests. He gave instruction to the host. And one of the other guests did not understand that this is about how the Pharisees and current leaders have lost a true worship of God.

“Blessed is everyone who will eat bread in the kingdom of God!” he says.

Yes, Jesus was talking about the resurrection of the just but…are you sure that you’re included?

Jesus begins another parable. A rich man prepared a banquet, and sent a servant to call all the invited guests to come.

“Have to go look at this land I bought, so you’ll excuse me, right”…so you didn’t look at it before? Rolling eyes…

“I just bought five yolk of oxen and I should go look at them now”…wait, what kind of animal-owner are you? Recoil…

And the last one is…well…”I just got married. Duh, I can’t come!” This is not a war, dude.

Jesus’ focus is on the kingdom of heaven. God is giving a banquet, a party, a celebration. Why does no one want to enjoy what He has prepared? It is snubbing His honor, focused on the little things in life that could wait! Why are you neglecting His offer?

How do I neglect Your plans, God, in favor of my own? Thank You for loving me, inviting me to join You on this adventure, and helping me to pursue You more each day. To You be the glory! Amen.





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