Love poured out

Don’t only plan parties for your friends.

You can read about it Luke 14.

Meals are not gift-exchanges where you are obligated to give something “equal or better-than” the last person.

It is blessing someone.

Who needs to be blessed?

The poor. Sick. Lame. Hospitals. Prisons. Street corners. Down the street with five kids in the house. Your neighbor. Your co-worker. A friend on hard times. That college student eating ramen because they are broke. The home-bound man who lost his wife six months ago after sixty years.

They’ll thank you for it. But that’s not the point. The point is that God’s heart is warmed by that kind of love – because its His love poured out through you!

Jesus poured out love for us on the cross – and He does not expect us to pay Him back. Christianity is not a rewards program that accumulates points with the generous deeds we complete. It is a growth of gratefulness, a blooming of love.

So the people you invite to your banquets may not be able to pay you back, but that does not mean you are not going to be friends. We might even recognize that we are not so different.

God, thank You for humbling us with Your love over and over. It’s not something I can claim to deserve. It’s not something I can learn and search on the internet if I need to refresh my memory. It is an activity of daily seeking to bless others. And in the process, You give us blessing. It’s humbling. Please help me to see who I can bless. To Your glory! Amen.


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