Take a trip

What were Jesus’ roadtrips like? He sent out His disciples on quite a few as well.

How far did they go? Who did they meet?

Going somewhere different.

Trying something new.

Surprised you made it. Laughing. Tired.

Met new faces that looked like old ones. Layers of memories under sunshine smiles.

Humbling hospitality.

Beauty mixed with pain and places they stumble. Ouch.

You take her where she’s are at, love her, want the best for her, surprised by her, hurting with her.

And only Jesus’ love can fix those breaks that last so long. Hurts that split to the core, rough-covered with a thin patch. And sometimes He uses us. Sometimes He asks us to pray. And often it takes a long time.

Luke 9 tells of how Jesus sent out the twelve disciples to preach the good news. God, where are You sending me out? I am learning a lot from people. How do I share Your love with them? You are good, thanks for the learning. Amen.



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