Come on a Treasure Hunt!

Do you want to hear another story?


Matthew 13 tells us Jesus’ story about the treasure in the field. Who has ever tried to dig to the other side of the world?


Well a man was out digging in a field. Maybe someone gave him a hint. Maybe he was walking by and saw something sticking out of the ground. He found treasure! So he covered it back up again. Then he went and found the owner of the field and bought it, so he could have the treasure. He had to sell everything he had to get it.

Why didn’t he just take it and not buy the field?

Because then it would not really have been his, and someone could have taken it from him. This way, it belonged to him! It was the same way for a pearl merchant. He knew what a good pearl looked like, and he had not seen many of them. Then he saw this giant, perfectly shaped, beautiful pearl. So he sold all he had and bought it.

My daddy buys stocks.

Yes, so it would be like your daddy selling all the stocks he has right now and buying stocks in one company. He is that sure that it will give him a profit. Jesus says it is like that when someone finds out about the Kingdom of heaven – really finds out. It suddenly becomes more important than anything else, and they give up everything to follow God like He tells us in the Bible.

Another story!

Well the last story Jesus told right then was about the kingdom of heaven. It is like a fishing net that is cast into the sea. And it drags behind the boat and collects a lot of stuff until it is full. Then the fishermen drag it on shore and they keep the good fish, but toss out the garbage, sticks, muck, and bad fish. If anyone in the kingdom of heaven does not really love God – does not want to give up all they own to get this treasure – he is like a bad fish that gets thrown out away from God. But do you know the sad part about this?


Jesus said that the people who really loved God in the kingdom of heaven would be able to share truth that was both old and familiar and fresh and inviting. But when He went back to His hometown, to people who should  have known Him best, they thought He was a joke.” You can’t be special from God, You’re just the carpenter’s son!” We have to be careful to not assume we know everything about Jesus.

Why did Jesus talk about weeds?

In these parables, including the ones we’ve talked about the past few days, Jesus is inviting people to the kingdom of heaven. It can start as a small idea and grow into a plan that changes the way you live. And it is worth it. Let’s pray.

God, thank You for loving us enough to help us find treasure in life. It is something that brings value to our lives because of Your love for us. Please help us to be amazed at this gift and share it with others to help Your kingdom spread! I love You, Amen.


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