A New Angle

When I was a kid, some of the best books were those that had windows in the pages. Open the flaps, and you found a new picture or piece of the story. The cool thing about the Bible is that God has designed it to continue to unfold as a story. I am seeking a greater understanding, and will begin trying a new experiment. Every other night, I will post questions and thoughts that I am working on, and then blog about them on the following evening. This will hopefully allow God to foster deeper thoughts both in my heart and yours.

To begin, God prompted my heart towards Psalm 37, specifically verse four where it talks about delights and desires. With all the misguided cravings of our world, what are we allowed to delight in or desire as Christians? What does God delight in?

There are some promising leads in word studies that I am excited to share with you and develop tomorrow. In the meantime, send me thoughts and comments about these concepts, or others that have made you wonder. I am excited to see where this study goes.

God, thank You for the desire to see around the corner, discover new mysteries, and unearth the hidden treasures of Your Word. Please guide me, help me to see the truth, and not wander off-track. To You be the glory, Amen.



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