Jumping for footprints

Remember when you were a kid and you tried to follow someone much taller than you, putting your feet exactly where their feet landed? Sand made it easy to see the footprints, but also easy to see if I missed. My studies of Jesus’ disciples this year have been the texture of a nice mud.

When I was a kid, the disciples seemed silly. Why were they running away? Peter, don’t you know better than saying that by now? Thomas, why are you such a doubter? Get with the program! Texture: rock. (See John 13, 18, 20-21.)

This year, I found myself trying to make promises as tall as Peter and falling flat literally: I fell on my face! God nicely reminded me that I cannot accomplish goals or promises, even made to Him, without His guidance and help. Life is not about doing things for God, it is about doing things with God.

And Thomas. Doubting Thomas. I can relate. In my search for understanding and truth, I keep wanting cold, hard, facts and reasoning. But not everything in life is found with five senses; beauty, imagination, and curiosity come from something else.

And with these men and all the rest, Jesus specifically reached out to them where they were at to bring them to Him. I believe He does that with each of us. The disciples actually have long strides to try to match. And the older I get, the easier it is to see how my faults match theirs. But those same men were used by God to reach the world.

God, thank You for using Pride-tripping Peters and Scientific-testing Thomas in this world. Thank You for helping me to see Your compassion on me. Please help me to listen, seek Your strength. God, I want to see You work. To You be the glory. Amen.


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