Be back soon!

Soon…is that five minutes or an hour? I’ll never forget Aslan saying in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader that he calls all times soon. And I think CS Lewis got that idea from Jesus. He’s coming back soon…but its been so long already.

The second coming of Jesus is surrounded by intrigue and controversy. What prophesies apply to it? Will it be around a time of tribulation or has that already happened? The Nazarene Articles of Faith steer clear of all this debate. Jesus is coming back soon.

Peter even says in 2 Peter 3 that we should not get impatient when God takes longer than we are expecting. His view of time is different, and it is amazing the patience He has for humanity.

If we do not know the “When” of Jesus coming back, we have plenty of information about the “How” – it will be an event that no one can miss! He will come like He left (Acts 1), on the clouds with glory and a triumphant shout (1 Thessalonians 4)!! Death is done, and sin is being exterminated! Death will no longer apply, and all the believers through the centuries will rise to meet Him in the air, to be with Him forever!

Great…so what do we do for now? Don’t be worried – Jesus is taking time to prepare a place for us (John 14). And do not focus on the things of today; you’re not a citizen of this earth, but of heaven (Philippians 3). Maybe the question we really should ask is if we are ready for Christ to come back. He left instructions for us – feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, visit the sick, dress the naked, give to the poor, visit those in prison. Do this for the least of His brethren, and its like you are doing it for Him. Neglect it, and you are neglecting Him (Matthew 25).

So do I really want Christ to come back? Am I focused on His kingdom or the things right here and now? How do I prioritize Him in my today? As I look forward to spending forever with Jesus, am I spending today with Him?

Jesus, no one can predict when You are going to come back and end the world. All we know is that it will be unexpected and interrupt a very normal flow of life. So am I ready? I do not know…I focus so much on today and tomorrow, and forget to look around. God, please help my perspective to broaden. Please help me start this love-journey with You and be more in love with You every day. Because who knows how long we have. Even so, come Lord Jesus! Amen.



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