Jesus and the Church

He wants a saint…He starts with a sinner.

He wants a bride…He starts with someone who runs after her unclean thoughts.

He looks for humility…He finds self-satisfied pride.

He offers everything…He gets a Christmas list in return.

He asks for unity…He finds division.

He still loves His Church. He offers hope; life; change; meaning.

So let the thief turn into a reliable worker.

Let the gossip find words that heal.

Let the selfish open their eyes to the world.

Let those who have broken legs find a Healer to support them.

Let the lost find a Savior.

Let the sinner find a Friend.

And He calls us Saints. His Bride. The Church.

Read more in Galatians 5-6, Ephesians 5, Philippians 2.

God, thank You for Your love, Your patience, Your healing. Please change my heart, help me to humbly seek after You with others who love You, and be changed together, and share that change with the world. Amen.


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