Is sin natural?

There once was a wise old man in a tribe of the Native Americans. He told a younger man that there are two wolves living in each of us, one black, ugly, mean, and the other white, good, helpful. The wolves are always fighting to control how we act. The younger man asked, “So which wolf will win?” The old man smiled, “The one you feed.”

Do Christians still have a sin nature? Is it possible for us to lose this sin nature as we are filled by the Holy Spirit? How did Jesus live a sinless life, and is that possible for us as well? These are just a few questions that have come up for me today as I have read more about Christian Holiness and Entire Sanctification.

Can we lose our sin nature, original sin? It is defined as being adverse to God, without spiritual life, continually inclined to evil. Does the Holy Spirit snuff that part out or does it smolder in the background like a black wolf waiting to pounce?

How do we explain the desire for evil apart from a sin nature? How could someone who did not have a sin nature still be attracted to sin and choose it? To what extent was Jesus tempted, who did not have a sin nature? In Hebrews 2 it says that He was in every way tempted as we are tempted so that He is able to help us.

Paul has interesting discussions in Ephesians 4-5 and Colossians 3 about how Christians should put off the deeds of their old lifestyle, be renewed in the spirit of their minds, and put on the new focus and lifestyle. It is like changing clothes. Several commentaries I looked at focused on the putting-on process as a continual renewal. I know that in my life, every day, every hour can shift my perspective, the wolves tangling in a fight. To what degree does the Holy Spirit re-set my perspective when I become saved?

God, today was all about questions, not answers. Once again, You have shown me how I cannot nail You down into one box…while it may be right, it is only a facet of who You are. Please help me to better understand who You are, how You work in my life, and how I can better pursue You – feeding the white wolf in my life. Thank You for questions on the journey. To Your glory. Amen.


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