The wind is blowing all the pink blossoms into the night…will there be peaches this year? The weekend is over and here comes Monday vindictively smiling around the corner. So what are you hoping for in life? That’s the light at the end of the tunnel, after all. A job? Friends? Family? Money to make it to the next level?

Jesus kept reminding His disciples how fast life flies by (see Matthew 6)….don’t spend it running after things in this world! He had a focus that went beyond, to God’s renewal of the earth as He intended it at creation. Can we go back there? How do we have hope for something that seems so impossible? Paul answered that in 1 Corinthians 15 – Christ is the first One to be resurrected from humanity. Sure, a few people died and then resumed life on earth again, but they died again. Jesus was the only One who Lived! And that is our hope – that just like Adam brought death on all humanity, so Jesus brings life to all who choose to follow Him. And there is more to life than just enjoying the moment that leaves the aftertaste of a stale doughnut.

And sometimes I find myself trying to tie down God to the realm of things I can see and hear and feel and taste because I want to be able to control what is going on in my life. But even in the things that seem the most logical in life (math and science, for example) there is imagination – what if? What could be? What is out there that we have not discovered yet? Why? And we keep asking questions and being shocked at the answers. So in the middle of the dark and stormy night with driving rain outside and turmoil indoors, where do you put your hope? In something that can be washed away or Someone who can calm the storm. Read Mark 4:35-41…Jesus was not woken up by wind and waves. He was woken by the panicking disciples. And it’s the same for us.

God, thank You for what I do not understand right now, how You are working, the questions I have. Thank You that You are at work in ways I do not understand, and never will. And thank You for the little picture I can see right now. I trust You with my life…thank You for providing a steady light of hope. To You be the glory. Amen.


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