Life in another dimension

Have you ever folded an origami butterfly? It is amazing to see a piece of flat paper suddenly spring into a 3-D shape. And I think that is what God is offering to do in our lives. Today I studied atonement, the sixth piece of the Nazarene Articles of Faith.

As I read through Mark 10, Luke 24, John 1, John 3, I was struck by how the gospel authors showed Jesus as the one who brought life, sufficient to spread through all the world. Eternal life. And the skeptic in me asks, can it be true? But then I was confronted by my definition of “life.” Do I think that “eternal life” begins when this physical body dies and I get the upgraded version like a free replacement on car airbags? That’s not all of life! What about the spiritual side of it, the communication with God as Creator? He talked with Adam and Eve personally in the Garden of Eden, and gives His Spirit and the Bible so He can communicate with us. And that effects how we feel, how we see the world, the goals we have, and our physical life. It pops eternal life into a 3-D shape. And that is what Jesus died to give us: full and abundant life!

Paul has some cool thoughts to add to this picture of atonement as the gateway to new life:

Galatians 1 – Jesus was given to deliver us from this present evil age…superhero anyone?

Galatians 3 – Abraham lived by faith, and it is the same grace of God that saves us through belief in Jesus’ death.

Colossians 1 – we who were alienated from God are now invited to be part of His kingdom. He is making us clean and spotless because His righteousness paid for our sin-stains.

1 Timothy 2 – Jesus was our ransom price from death.

Titus 2 – Jesus acted to purify a special people for Himself who are zealous/excited/passionate about good works.

Atonement. Life. God, if my life is so valuable that You saved it by the death of Your Son, then my perspective about my daily and weekly and life-long schedule needs to change! Please help me to see the full dimensions of the new life You offer, and the reality of how that effects every part of life. Please help me to see. To Your glory. Amen.


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