ID for life

Have you ever lost your driver’s licence? It is amazing how much we depend on a simple piece of plastic. As I was reading through Paul’s letters today, I noticed a lot about identity. I feel like I often show people an image I know they will approve, while another side of me is making snarky comments and asking “dangerous” questions in the background.

This is what God has to say about our identity, and how the Holy Spirit can orient us. Galatians 3 continues Paul’s conversation with a group of believers who were focused on obeying the Old Testament set of rules as their means of salvation. Paul attacks that hardcore – it is not what we do, but who we believe…its not about our strength, but God giving us His Spirit. In chapter 4 he continues with the idea of the law  being a teacher, but the Spirit showing that God has adopted us as heirs. Our identity has gone from renegades on death row to calling God”Daddy!”

Paul in Ephesians has a slightly different focus – on encouraging the believers in unity, and recognizing what God is doing. Ephesians 3 is like a crescendo, a sweeping panorama of possibilities. God gives us more strength than we realize, opens our eyes to a different level of on-going change. The Spirit that He gives us is the same one that raised Christ from the dead…not to mention the miracles that He completed on earth. It is a power beyond what we can ask or imagine. Sometimes I take Him for granted…what could He really do through me?

God, I’m struggling to find my identity right now, my momentum, my goal in life. I’m catching a glimpse of what You are doing, and it is so grand. Please help it to penetrate my focus on the day-to-day. I’m getting bored of routine…so please help me to look beyond, realize my identity in You, and see what happens next. It’s an adventure! Thank You for taking me on it. Amen.


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