One of my favorite surprises in college was to begin studying a new subject and realize I already understood most of the skills I needed. And not much has changed…for instance with this picture of a wood joint. It looks like two dove tails that perfectly fit together from either side. Kind of like ideas…

After a weekend in a no-cell-service zone, I am back to blogging about the sections of the Nazarene Articles of Faith. Why? Well, I am a Baptist, so I am curious. How are we different? Are those differences important? What does the Bible say about it? Plus, it is good practice to check your facts, and I need to double-check what I believe about God, the world, and my place in it, and if those views are supported by the book I use as a road map: the Bible. And I am currently studying the Holy Spirit.

This is where God’s message gets really up-close and personal to my daily life. Uncomfortably close. Jesus spoke about the Holy Spirit a lot in His final in-depth conversation with His disciples as recorded in John 14-16. Jesus told His disciples that it was better for Him to leave, and for this Spirit from God the Father to come. So a spiritual being is better than a physical being? Why? The Holy Spirit’s role was as a guide, able to remind them of things Jesus had spoken and teach them about God’s truth. And He dwelt in them, like God had promised in the Old Testament (Joel 2). But that’s not the only place that the Spirit works…

I have an ongoing struggle with the Gospel message and how to present it. Like it says in 1 Corinthians 15, the good news about Jesus is that He died on the cross for our sins and was buried, that He rose again the third day, just like it was predicted for centuries, and that He appeared to many people.  Well in this passage in John, Jesus tells the disciples that the Holy Spirit will convict the world of sin that they did not believe in Jesus, that He was righteous, and that the ruler of the world has been judged. Those seem parallel to me!

  • Died on the cross for our sins – because they did not believe He’s the Messiah
  • Buried but rose – He was actually dead, but rose because He had no personal guilt, He was righteous
  • Seen  by many – witnesses! The Holy Spirit convicts the world that Jesus is the victor, and its not just hearsay. That leaves us all a very important question – if the ruler of this world is judged, but still opposing God, which side do we choose?

This is not just believers, but the world. So it is not my responsibility to convince people in cunning wit that Jesus is their Savior – the Holy Spirit takes care of the heart. I just have to relay the good news and live in a manner that supports it.

God, thank You for Your Spirit who guides us into all TRUTH. And that’s not as I see or the world sees, but as You see the master plan of eternity. Thank You for Your patience with me, Your love for me, and the many ways I get to learn. Please give me the opportunity and courage to share Your good news. Amen.



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