The After-party of Sunday School Game Show Season 1

“…And that concludes the final question of the night. Congratulations, Paul, on your win with 50 brownie points…maybe there will be some at your next church potluck. Thank you to Peter and Mary for also being our contestants tonight on this exciting look at the life of Jesus Christ. Thank you also to our sponsors the Nazarene Church Articles of Faith and Lent Theology Studies, Ltd. Be sure to tune in next time for our next episode.”

“And cut.”

“Great thinking Paul. You nailed it on those questions. Even if you did steal Mary’s answer on “rose again from the dead” with Acts 2.”

“Peter, I appreciate that, but I really feel like snapping verses out off the top of my head just does not do it.”

“Gentlemen, your tea. Feel free to take a seat. Mighty good debate we had there.”

“But it wasn’t a debate at all. It was a Bible drill.”


“I’m serious. If you knew Jesus, He is not defined by letters and numbers. You can’t tell a joke by assigning them all a number and naming one off. And assuming that you can makes those people feel left out who aren’t in on the list. So it’s just as bad to narrow Jesus’ life down to a list of Bible references and assume that everyone knows them.”

“And we can’t assume that even these verses really capture who Jesus was. Arg.”

“Mary, you have something to add?”

“Defining God is couter-intuitive. It is the creature analyzing the Creator, blind men standing around an elephant. We can say 1000 miles, even 1 billion miles, but never know how far that is by foot. We can say God knows everything, and is all-powerful, but we hit the borders of our imagination pretty quickly. God dares us to imagine, but to admit that is to admit defeat of our own ideas. We struggle so hard to hand over control to Him, no matter how much we agree its the right idea. Even if we knew Him as a man.”

“Truth! He did ascend to heaven in a body, although a far better one that He had before! And He is standing there interceding for us, like the priests stand in the temple in Jerusalem, but He stands before God. We can read about that in Acts and Hebrews. But there is so much more.”

“I saw Him teach so many times to people who soaked up His words with awe even though they had dirt under their fingernails and tough hands.”

“Over and over He fulfilled prophesies. Just start examining the prophets, the stories. It’s all there, the great story, the great dance of God…wooing, if I can use that term as a single man, us back to His love.”

“And its not over yet.You apostles are carrying it all over. Words are read and reread. And don’t forget that we have God’s Holy Spirit. The New Covenant written on our hearts. The story is not over yet.”

“Oh my, has that camera been on this whole time?”

“Oh yes, it’s the candid After-Party part of the program. Haven’t you watched one before? We get unbiased debates and discussions. It’s all in the consent form…”

“Well, if there’s one thing I can tell people about Jesus, it’s this: go looking for Him in the Bible, and He’ll step out from behind nearly every story.”


God, I read again, and once again I have to wonder. Dig a little and so  much explodes out of these texts. And there’s more. Thank You for Your love story written into the fabric of history and compiled here for us to see. And I want to see it out in the world, too, but I look away so quickly. Thank You for drawing me back. To You be the glory. Amen.


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