Sunday School Game Show!

Welcome to another round of intriguing Bible-filled action! Tonight’s round is on Jesus Christ. Categories include: Who was He?; Who is He?; The God-Man behind the legend; and a Mystery category. Tonight’s contestants are the Apostle Peter, the Apostle Paul, and Mary! Sponsors are the Nazarene Church Articles of Faith and Lent Theology Studies, Ltd. As an added bonus for those of you watching from home, each answer must be supported by at least one Bible passage.

Alright, contestants, here is your first question: Who is the Second Person of the Triune Godhead? Peter…

Who is Jesus? Read all about it in my buddy John’s gospel (that would be John 1), and Hebrews 1. 

Who is Jesus indeed? Good answer. Next question: who was eternally “one” with the Father? Paul…

Who is Jesus? Philippians 2, also Hebrews 1.

Wouldn’t you say Hebrews 7 as well? 

Oh, yes, of course, Peter, and John 10 while we are at it. 

Ahem, moving right along…who became incarnate by the Holy Spirit? Mary…

Who is Jesus? That’s in the Christmas story, Matthew 1 and Luke 2.

Ah yes, the classics, never get old! 

Who was born of the Virgin Mary? Paul…

Who is Jesus? While it is in the same Gospel passages as the Christmas story, it was prophesied back in Isaiah 7

Ah yes, and the word “prophesy” triggers our first Bonus round! You each have a minute to record an answer to this question: Which person in history had two whole and perfect natures united in one?

Do do do dum dum do do do…

Time! Okay, let’s see your answers. Peter – Who is Jesus?, Paul – a fuzzy J, but still Jesus there, okay, and Mary – Who is Jesus?. Nice work! Points for everyone! For an additional challenge, which natures did Jesus unite? Paul…

Jesus was both God and Man. He even called Himself the Son of Man and the Son of God on different occasions. It is important so that He could legitimately die for humanity’s sins without having any of His own, and is now able to intercede for us in heaven.  I would start by listing Matthew 16, Acts 2Philippians 2, Colossians 1….

Alright, very good. We are going to take a break for commercials. When we come back, we will have more exciting interactions, including a “spontaneous debate” feature.

Cut to music. Text begins to move up the screen like a Star Wars introduction:

Game Show Rules

All game show questions are taken from the Nazarene Articles of Faith. Bible references are provided for personal verification methods, Lent Theology Studies claims no authorship of the Scriptures used. All answers should be examined for accuracy. The Sunday School Game Show will return soon. Thank you for watching. 

God, thank You for the mysterious ways You work. It blows my mind when I really think about what Jesus did in giving up His power as God to live in the dusty, rowdy, cranky, sin-filled earth. Please help me understand that love more as I live out today. Amen.




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