Fill in the blank

Today I was staring over a child’s shoulder watching her work on a coloring page. Know the tune “one of these things is not like the other ones, can you tell which one?” It was a page meant to find the difference, find what was missing. And that’s what happened to me when I was reading through the Nazarene Church’s Articles of Faith. Section 1 is The Triune God and Section 2 is Jesus Christ followed by the Holy Spirit. But nothing was said about God the Father (after browsing other articles of faith, I found that this is a common trend). What should be said about Him?

The New Testament is full of distinctions between Jesus, the God-Man and His Father in heaven. In fact, that is where God the Father is pictured: as a righteous Judge, Lord, King of the earth who is in heaven governing everything (seen and unseen) in the world (Genesis 1, Job 1, Revelation 4). And if this is all I knew of Him, I would think He was unreachable, awesomely majestic, enthroned in glory (see Isaiah 6, Ezekiel 1). He would be too far from my dirty earth. But there is more.

God, Paul wrote, is “Abba” to us (Romans 8:15). I heard once from a traveler to Israel that he was riding on a crowded bus and heard a boy start yelling, “Abba, Abba,” until he found his daddy. And that’s what God invites us to do. Jesus regularly prayed to God while He was on earth, for strength, for wisdom, for God’s insight and will to be the plan, not Jesus’ own perspective. After all, if someone is spotting for you on a racetrack, they can see the whole picture rather than just a few feet ahead. Jesus taught His disciples to pray for God’s will, God’s timing, God’s kingdom to reign on earth (Matthew 6). Because God is the One who can see. And He invites us to join Him on this journey to take back the earth. Because Revelation tells the end of the story, where God’s kingdom does rule on earth, and He wipes out sin, wipes away tears, invites us to join in the joy of His kingdom (Revelation 21). Wow.

God, thank You for Your love for us. You are holy. Your nature is opposed to sin. Yet You loved us enough to let us walk away from You, and even more to offer us a way to come back. Thank You, Abba, Father, Daddy for Your love. Please help me to seek Your will, not mine in my life. I love You. Amen.


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