National Rest Days…

As an adult, I wish naps were still enforced. There are many afternoons where I would be more productive if I was told to lay down for half an hour and at least try to sleep. The year of Jubilee was a whole new level of rest. As Leviticus 24-25 records, God told Israel to take weekly Sabbath days to rest from their work. Then every seven years, they were to let the land rest for a year. And when they had counted seven Sabbath years, they were to take the fiftieth year as a Jubilee. This was a time of rest and rejoicing. If you had sold family land, it was given back to you. In fact, God said that Israel could essentially only sell their crops. The land was the Lord’s. As were the people, and they could only sell years of service, but not sell themselves as slaves. Israel already belonged to God. What a crazy thought! Or maybe not…

The New Testament authors use similar imagery to describe Christians as slaves of Christ. I know that I am very protective of my time, money, and resources (tax time, anyone?). How does this perspective of God already owning my time, resources, productivity effect how I live? Maybe just the realization that I can barter with my resources, but ultimately they belong to God. Maybe I should schedule in some rest.

God, who ever heard of an employer mandating that people take a day off every week, a year off every seven years, and re-set the economic playing field every 50 years? Thank You for the practical view of our bondage to You. And please help my perspective to change. God, You are the Lord. Please help me to work wisely, but aim to bring You glory as my end-goal. Thank You for Your abundant blessings to me! Amen.


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