Revamping our holiday schedule

In America we take holidays very seriously. Public schools are closed and many adults do not work either. The special day is dedicated to something different: celebration! God gave Israel times of celebration also, to remember specific things throughout the year (see Leviticus 22-23). He specified a whole week to celebrating at some points! That is a big national vacation when you think about it. But He also directed Israel to observe times of public mourning and repentance. That seems mightily uncomfortable to me. But maybe if we took time to see where things are going wrong we could redirect our course toward better goals. What would that do for families? Communities? Our nation? We certainly recognize being sad as individuals. Maybe balancing national days of emotion for both sadness and celebration would be a good idea.

Valentines Day is coming up, God. Named after someone who showed a lot of love to people. It doesn’t happen with boxes of expensive chocolate or conversation hearts. It happens on a daily level, interacting in a way that makes the mundane tasks better. It’s what You offer us every day. So thank You for a time to celebrate love. Please help me spread it to the people around me. I love You. Amen.


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