Snags in life

It is so annoying when a thread in your shirt snags and messes up the whole outfit. And when you are untangling necklaces or shoelaces, they always seem to incorporate every available loose end into the knot. In Leviticus 19-21, God starts reviewing many of the laws that He had just relayed to Moses, and this review seems a little haphazard. Why did He pick these laws to string together? They relate to many different areas of life, and don’t seem to have a theme. Yet as I thought about it, they are all just threads running through our lives. And when one thread gets pulled out of wack, it can scrunch up the rest of life into a royal mess! So its not like the Israelites could prioritize the 10 commandments and cherry-pick a few other favorites to keep…God required that every area of life be subject to His standards. And it was all to bring them to a place of holiness, of right living, back to the Garden of Eden code where life was at peace.

God, my life seems to snag all over the place! And yet, it is so good to see how You began this theme of a whole life devoted to You all the way back in Leviticus. And Jesus showed us, and Paul emphasized how the Holy Spirit is given to help. You bless us so abundantly! Thank You, God. I love You. Amen.


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