What’s your gravity?

It is fun to imagine walking in space without gravity, floating on your side, sleeping upside-down. But if everyone had their own gravity, it would be hard to live together, drive on the same road, or make long-term decisions. I feel like that is how relationship principles are treated today. And the Bible is the way that God shows us gravity. Leviticus 17-18 looks at relationships, starting with how God would accept sacrifices: only at His temple. One location, and not to any other god. There were many religious practices that He saw as detestable. And many of them had to do with relationships. He goes on to talk about marriage, sex. It’s a powerful gift God gave to humans. But the beauty is easily twisted into something that extracts life rather than fueling it. God was giving Israel a definition of gravity. And it was an unpopular view. He kept saying “I am the Lord.” No, it doesn’t always feel good to walk in God’s path, gravity is not always fun. But it is the way to live with feet grounded on something stable. It is so easy to float from one opinion or another. And yet I know that I long for stability. He offers it here.

God, I chase fun. And Your way is not always fun. God, please help me to see the stability You provide, and stay grounded in Your gravity, even when I would rather go my own way. Because You do not do it for fun. You do it out of love. Thank You. Amen.


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