Baldness is not contagious

Despite how we always teased my dad, it can be startling when someone suddenly has more hair fall off their head than stick on it. And yet, in this volume on leprosy (open your Bible to…well, whatever page Leviticus 13-14 is on), baldness is specifically cited as not being a contagious disease.

Mold. Fungus. Leprosy. It was the cancer of that day, except a highly visible disease. The priests had the role of doctors. They quarantined cases, observed changes, and pronounced “clean or not clean.” And priests wore the hat of health inspector for garments and houses as well, condemning structures, tearing out pieces of clothes. And then when someone or something was declared clean, they had the special job to help them come back into the community through special sacrifices. Cleansing on every level.

God, sometimes baths just don’t do it. There is something in me that needs a good clean, and sometimes it takes someone else to spot it and work on it. Thank You for modern medicine and all the technology. And thank You for colds that remind us we aren’t invincible on any level. And we need to remember that. Thank You for making a way for us to be clean, whole, fresh, renewed on every level…and You help us on every step of the process. Thank You for Your love! I love You. Amen.


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