Unclean…before germs were cool

My mom is a nurse. We grew up very aware of germs. Dirty. Icky. Not clean. Raw meat? Use bleach water. Someone sick? Don’t share the same bathroom, if possible. It made me think as I read through Leviticus 10-12. God took His rules very seriously. He showed that the consequence of an action could be deadly. Especially if you were a leader, an example to the whole tribe of Israel. Even the food that they ate was specified in odd ways. Some of it makes sense hygienically, so that disease from dead animals did not spread (God knew about germs). Maybe more of it will make sense as I get older. But all of the rules were pointing Israel to recognize something big: clean vs. not clean. Sin = deadly germs. And yet there was no way to avoid them. So God took the disease on Himself and offered us an antidote, an anti-virus, a cure. But first we have to recognize the disease.

God, I can see the germs. Thank You for that. Thank You for pointing out clean and dirty, right and wrong. And thank You that You made a way for us to be clean. Please help me to put off the old path of death and seek Your way to live. Amen.


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