Mud jumpers

The ultimate goal of one memorable day in my childhood was to get firmly stuck in mud so we had to crawl out and leave our boots behind. Mom closed the garage door and made my brother and I shed clothes to a clean layer before we came in the house to change. I couldn’t help but think of mud as I read about clean and unclean things in Leviticus 5-7. It was so easy to see the mud-spots on our skin as children, but now that we are older, it is hard to tell when we have crossed God’s line. And for Israel, that meant sacrifices for every occasion, so when they realized it, they would have a way to say they were sorry. I found myself scolding them for messing up in such varied ways, but realized that I can be just as creative in my rebellion. I’m glad that God does not set a “point of no return” when we come to our senses and turn to Him. But unlike mud, sin does leave scars.

God, thank You for showing us the reality of how You see sin. And then You showed us the extent You would go to make us clean in Your eyes – far beyond a bath, to the death of Your own Son. Thank You, God. Please create in me a heart that yearns for cleanness before You. Amen.


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