Finishing well

The Exodus was past, the Egyptians in the distance, God present in the cloud and fire. And it was time to finish the Tabernacle (Exodus 39-40). No expense spared: it is an impressive phrase, used for mansions, cathedrals, paintings, community projects. And just what God instructed Moses to do for the Tabernacle, that’s what he got done. Nowhere did the people of Israel skimp, take budget cuts, or improvise on the job. And with this beginning of something new, God gave a way to set things apart as holy – special to God, reserved for certain uses. With a pure white paper, I don’t know how to add anything to it…I only smudge it. Yet God made a way for human practices and materials straight out of the pagan practices of Egypt to be used as ways to better understand and connect with Him. And Moses finished this beginning stage well, carrying out all God’s instructions. Israel really was a nation now.

God, thank You for being so flexible with us. You gave many rules, but those are still outlines of how You will relate to humanity in our sinfulness. How can dirty be made clean or unholy be made holy? It is a mystery of Your grace. And also that You did not choose a cathedral, but a tent, dwelling with Your people on the go. And with us also, reminding us to wait for a better home that the one we have here. Please help me to give my best, God. Amen.


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