The moment of completion

It is the breath after the deadline, the final stroke on a painting, the first second of movie credits. All the impetus of action has come to a climax, and is completed. For the craftsmen in Exodus 36-38, they took every detail of the tabernacle that God gave them and after all the sweat, strain, and mental tricks, it was done. There was the finished product gleaming, polished in front of them. The people gave abundantly, more than enough materials were available. And here were the words of God, His commands in physical form, ready for use in His tabernacle. The people gave the curtains, altars, and clasps with all their hearts. But as the Tabernacle was used through the years, it was not as honored.

I can’t help but think of Jesus gasping, “It is finished!” And years later, as His triumph works in the lives of those who follow Him, what do we give to this King that gave all?

God, You create such beauty. Have I let it become tarnished? Thank You for that breath of new life after a task is completed, and tired pride is well deserved. God, let my life be crafted by You still…You’re not done with me yet. And help me to come to that moment of good completion. Amen.



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