The moment of change

Is there a moment in your life where all the fragments of knowledge suddenly crashed around you into clarity, like suspended puzzle pieces snapping into an image around you? It can throw you off your feet. As Exodus 33-35 shows, it is often in the midst of condemning circumstances that the truth is most clear – and terrifying. Moses met with God to intercede for Israel. He went so far as to ask to see God face to face. And God passed by him, declaring who He was, and it is different than what you might expect. Grace, love, mercy – that’s what God used to describe Himself. God, by definition is more knowledgeable and powerful than man. What distinguishes Him is how He chooses to relate to man. Moses’ face started to glow after that encounter with God. How easily do I show that my world has been changed?

God, You made a covenant, and You kept it. In the midst of stubborn humanity, You stay the same. And I will never see the whole puzzle, but I think I do…except for the moments where I listen and really begin to see what You are doing. Please help me to show the change from Your love. Amen.


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