When we undervalue waiting

Today I had to backtrack three times because I turned off the road too quickly. Twenty minutes later, I paid for it in traffic. Exodus 30-32 begin by unfolding more details of the grand structure God described for Moses to build. There was a very special scent associated with the temple, to go with the sounds, sights, textures, rituals. And all Israelites would be equal there, each paying an equal amount to fund the temple and have an equal part. But then Moses came down from the mountain and saw the people worshiping another god. They were impatient. They did not know how close they were, and they gave up waiting for Moses and followed their wants. They wanted to feast and play, and worship a god who made them happy. Craftsmanship turned to the wrong purpose, the beautiful contract between God and Israel broken so fast. Moses interceded with God for them, his heart more concerned for them than for himself. This is just what Jesus did for us, stepping in as the substitute. But there were hard consequences.

God, this echoes with my heart. I rush forward to carry out my plan, and fall headfirst into trouble. God, help me truly seek Your will, not my will. And thank You for lovingly working on my stubborn heart. Amen.


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