Dressed to impress

Anyone can chop a hole in a potato sack. You can tell a quality garment by the care taken in the details. It was the same when God instructed Moses in Exodus 28-29 to make garments for the priests out of expensive materials. This outfit included two sets of stones engraved with the names of the tribes of Israel that the high priest wore on his shoulders and his chest. There was a belt described as “lacy” – a snakeskin of beautiful woven pictures and patterns. Rich colors matched the gold. Pomegranates mixed with gold bells on the bottom hem. Bells were the melody showing that the high priest still lived as he served holy God. Pomegranates symbolized fruitfulness, wisdom, the seeds of truth growing in minds willing to learn.

These were clothes for beauty and glory. And now? God sees believers in Christ clothed in His righteousness, like sparkling white garments. How will you represent Him to the world?

God, thank You for the art that showed the importance of the priest leading people in worship. God, as I wear my street clothes, please help me never forget the righteousness You call me to wear with Christ; the new man like a designer-label outfit to replace my potato-sack old ways. God, please help me choose the right clothes today. Amen.


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