Beauty in the blueprints

There are houses around the world that people love to tour. They have elegance, detail, and creativity etched into their architecture. In Exodus 23-27, God began to outline the design for the Tabernacle. And God wanted nothing less for the place people would come to worship Him on earth. The best: He called for them to use the best they had: gold, silver, expensive dyes. Beautiful: He called for craftsmanship of the highest quality, requiring balance, skill, time, and effort. Giving: He called for the people to contribute the necessary supplies.

God would bring them to a land. He confirmed a covenant based on love. And He wanted Israel to remember that. He put beauty in the blueprints of this covenant. Just like He did when He created the world. And they both got messed up. But God did not give up on it.

God, thank You for planting beauty into the earth. Thank You for redeeming it in my life, and calling it out of the mess of this sin-filled world. God, please help me see You more clearly, and for my heart to yearn for You, not things that only fill me up right here, right now. Thank You for Your love. I love You back, Amen.


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