Why we need rules…

There are times when I look back on my childhood and finally understand some of the obnoxious rules that my parents had for me. Others I still have no clue about. Exodus 19-22 talk about how God began to give laws to Israel. It was a nation under His rule. And He presented an impressive display of His power as instructed Moses on various laws for the people. They were laws that focused on relationships between God and man, and how people interacted with each other. The weak of society were protected. Enemies were told to help each other. And God was honored in all of it. These are radical things to start a country with. Can you imagine what would happen if they kept all these rules? But what are rules? Guidelines to help us know right from wrong. And Israel quickly learned that they couldn’t keep God’s guidelines. They needed His help. And these rules point us in the same direction: to God.

Thank You, God, for Your concern for people in their daily life. You care about justice and truth, and things being right in the world. You care so much You joined us to make it right. Please help me to seek Your help every day to live for You. Amen.


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