Gathering wafers in the wilderness

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs is a story about the weather turning into a giant buffet that serves people food from the sky. In a way, that’s exactly what God did for Israel as they began their journey through the wilderness (see Exodus 16-18). The people complained, and God graciously provided food…whatever it was! They actually named it, manna, or “what is it?” but enjoyed it every day after the dew lifted and before it melted in the sun. Every day, they trusted God for food. The sixth day, they gathered extra and it did not spoil. They ate it on the seventh day, learning to rest. Trust and obey. God provided food every day, water from a rock, victory in a battle, wisdom to govern the people. Israel was learning to walk as a nation. And they kept complaining. But God provided like a Father.

God, You guide and protect, and call for us to listen and learn. Thank You for Your patience with people who forget from one day to the next that You provide. Please help me to thank You daily for the provision You give to me. And never try to live without it! Amen.



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