A night to remember

The Plagues coverage is brought to you by Living History First News channel.

(A transcription of this broadcast can be read in Exodus 10-12).

“Folks, this is R.E. Porter coming to you live from Egypt. I am here at The Court of Pharaoh  where Moses and the king have been having a stand-off for the past couple of weeks. Moses represents the God of the Israelites who demands that Egypt release His subjects to go sacrifice in the desert. So far, God has been displaying quite the show of force to back up His demands. And yet Pharaoh is still holding out. A few days ago, the land was stripped bare of living plants by a blanket of locust that ate everything that wasn’t locust-674064_1920.jpgdestroyed by hail last week. Pharaoh promised a release of everyone but the livestock, but pulled out after the locust were gone. And yesterday we experienced darkness thick enough to feel. It almost felt like the world was coming apart. I didn’t even get out of bed! That has lifted, and we are back to see what will come next.”

Shouts in background, the figure of Moses can be seen storming through the doors.

“I’ve just heard that Moses and Pharaoh have refused to meet again, and Moses has laid down an ultimatum. The final plague is coming, the death of the favored firstborn sons of each family unless…well, I didn’t catch that part. Let’s follow Moses to the Israelite quarter of town and learn more!”

A few hours later…

“We’re back, folks, with more on the unfolding story of a new Feast that God has given His people called Passover. Yes, the outline of a feast in the midst of destruction. I have Shaul of Levi here with me. Sir, can you tell us what is on your door here?”

“It’s the blood of my best male lamb, only a year old. It is a sign to God’s death angel that he should pass over our house and not kill my firstborn son. See, Passover!”

“Ah, now I get it. What is your plan for tonight, then?”

“We are eating the lamb roasted with herbs and unleavened bread – no leaven around here!”crackers-99657_1280.jpg

“And you look like you are ready to go somewhere.”

“We have to be ready to leave at any time, so I have all the bags packed. Well, my wife is still packing, but she’ll be ready soon.”

“Thank you, Shaul, hope you have safe travels soon! Folks, this night will show whether God will finally get His people out, or Pharaoh will push Him to keep stalling. This is R.E. Porter awaiting further news from Egypt.”

Later that night!

camel-163703_1280.jpg“Yes, whew, breaking news! We’re moving! All of Israel has their bread dough in bowls and gold and silver from their neighbors. It’s stunning: every house of the Egyptians has someone dead, just like Moses said, and people are panicking in the streets. Pharaoh called Moses and Aaron at night and told them to get out. So Israel is leaving with all their livestock, and quite a few people who are more interested in the journey than in their lives in Egypt. It’s been a series of ten plagues, and Israel is out of Egypt. Now the only question is where they will go. I will keep you posted on further developments as this story unfolds. This is R.E. Porter coming to you live, right outside the Egyptian City of Pharaoh.”

God, I forget who You are so quickly. And then I read a story like this, and it blows me away. You planned it all so well. And the lamb…pointing to Jesus, His blood for ours so we did not have to die. Thank You for giving such a gift. Please help me see how that changes my day, my hour, my long-term outlook on life. Please help me to give all of my life willingly, and see You are better than all my wants. And thank You for leading at just the pace I can go. You are good.I want to celebrate that! To You be the glory! Amen.


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